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Ideal for Red Wine and Robust Vinegars

It's thanks to wine that vinegar exists.  You'll find that your handcrafted red wine or more robust vinegars fermented and aged in toasted oak barrels will take on properties that improve it by making it softer and more complex in flavor.  The slower oak barrel fermentation results in vinegars of exceptional quality.  

Today we think of vinegar as an ingredient ...what you'll find in fact is - it is the sine qua non of condiiments.  We invite you to experience the irresistable aroma and taste of your own one-of-a-kind artisanal vinegar.  You'll find yourself using it everyday ... in your simple green salads, in your more complicated salads and as the secret ingredient in sauces or marinades.  

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Your toasted oak vinegar barrel arrives with carefree galvanized hoops complete with an all-wood spigot, 3" agglomerated  cork and low profile stand.  Pleaes call or email us for more information.